Boiler Servicing & Repairs around Perthshire

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How can you reduce boiler breakdowns?

I believe we can all agree that minimizing fuel bills and avoiding costly breakdowns is a top priority. You can achieve both goals by having your oil boiler serviced annually by an OFTEC Registered technician.

During the service, your boiler will be thoroughly cleaned, stripped down, and have its oil nozzle replaced. The oil filter will also be cleaned or replaced, and the oil tank will be checked for the presence of water. This process will not only reduce the frequency of boiler breakdowns but also keep your boiler running efficiently, as well as prevent the risk of carbon monoxide emissions.

Flexible Servicing

At David Keir Plumbing & Heating, we understand the importance of flexibility. If you prefer to be contacted annually by telephone to schedule servicing and repairs, we can arrange a customized plan to ensure your boiler runs efficiently. As a fully qualified engineer, I provide fault diagnostics and repairs, and all work is carried out by me personally. I am committed to delivering a prompt, reliable, and courteous service.

Thorough Oil Boiler Checks

During every oil boiler service provided by David Keir Plumbing and Heating, a straightforward test is performed using a water detection paste that changes colour from green to purple if harmful water is detected in your fuel. If harmful water is detected, I will provide you with options to have the water pumped out using a pump I always carry in my van after the service is completed, or at a more convenient time that works best for you.

Why check for water in your boiler?

  1. Reduces costly boiler breakdowns
  2. Prevents steel oil tanks corroding from the inside out
  3. Reduces sludge build up from microorganisms in water
  4. Increases the working life of the oil pump
  5. ​Prevents breakdowns caused by water freezing in your oil tank during cold winters