I own a large 5 bedroom house in Fife, with a separate annexe/granny flat, in a semi rural area. I was unfortunate enough at this time of the year to have mice eat through our plastic plumbing pipes recently, taking out the heating in both buildings during the same week. I called out an emergency pumber, then a second “reputable” firm after the first one was unsuccessful, and both sets of plumbers gave up as they could not stop the pressure from dropping, or find the problem. I called David on the off chance he would come to Fife to help me out, as I found him online as an oil boiler specialist. He arrived the next day, and was thorough in checking the entire system, installing isolator valves etc until he had done what the two previous plumbers hadn’t, ie found the problem. David fixed me out properly in both buildings, serviced both our oil boilers, and didn’t leave until everything was perfect again. He was a breath of fresh air, entirely professional, and I wouldn’t call anyone else now. The best service ever, thanks so much David for your care and full attention!